About Endorphin Brand Grafix

Our goal is to one day have multiple storefronts all across West Virginia and the mid Ohio valley to better serve my customers and their needs. Throughout our time in the business, our goal to provide excellent service hasn’t changed but we have expanded our capabilities as a business. We can now offer a much wider array of services to even more customers. Endorphin Brand Grafix now offers custom decal printing for ATV’s, Side by Sides, Race cars, and Motorcycles and more!

We love to work with young racers who have a strong passion for what they do, specifically through sponsorship programs. We help our sponsored racers save money on the cost of their racing decals so they can focus on things that help them grow into young successful adults that say no to drugs and alcohol. The mission statement of our sponsorship program is “Purpose Driven Pursuit of Passion” or “Passion is the Rush”. Our sponsored racers write down goals that they want to achieve by the end of the year. Then they write down a list of actions that they will take to make those goals a reality. Then they write a purpose statement that explains why they love what they do. All of these things combined with the help of their parents helps these individuals stay on track and say no to drugs and alcohol and say yes to getting high naturally, through their passions.

Endorphin Brand Grafix is also passionate about helping young entrepreneurs start ventures of their own. We understand what it’s like starting a business from scratch and it’s our goal to help new business owners in any way that we can. We assist with anything from logo design to custom signage and can help you pave the way to your own success. We also like to offer bulk pricing discounts to new businesses to help you and your wallet too. We are happy to offer advice or lend an ear for any marketing ideas for your new business.

Endorphin Brand Grafix is here to serve everyone. Whether you need some signs for your campaign, regular orders, one time purchases, t-shirts and hoodies for your family reunion, new decals for your ATV, commercial car wraps, logo design, or anything in-between, you’ve come to the right place. Please stop in and say hi sometime, we would love to meet you!

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About Kenny

My name is Kenny Keffer, I am a 47 year old West Virginia Native, and I am the owner and founder of Endorphin Brand Grafix. I have a background in healthcare and I am a Registered Nurse. Until recently, I have dedicated my life to the healthcare and wellness field because I have a passion for helping people.

3 years ago, I started a graphic design and specialty printing company in Parkersburg WV with a few of my close friends and business partners. Ever since the start, my goal has been to provide top quality service to all types of businesses from small to large companies. I help my clients market their products, services, and companies to their target audiences by means of custom signage and various promotions.